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    Fitness Trends Making Waves in 2019

    Need some inspiration to revitalize your fitness goals this year? This year’s trends focus on keeping you fit without demanding you spend hours at the gym every day, giving you more time doing what you love. Check out these five fitness trends making waves in 2019!

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    1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    The most appealing aspect of a HIIT workout is that you can easily find a routine to complete at home in your living room. No traveling or classmates required! HIIT has been around for a few years but despite this, it’s still a popular fitness trend.

    HIIT workouts typically involve short bursts of high-intensity bouts of exercise followed by a short period of rest. Many of these workouts are usually 30 minutes or less, giving you time to get in a good work out and get back to what you love most in no time.

    2. Yoga

    Yoga is almost guaranteed a place on yearly fitness trend lists. It’s an ancient practice that has gotten a makeover in recent years to take on a more “intense workout” role. Some recent manifestations of yoga include Power Yoga, Yogilates and hot yoga. Who knows what other versions will appear in the future?

    3. Personal Training

    Personal trainers will be in high demand this year as more and more people look to perfect their workout routines and form. This desire is made more achievable thanks to online personal trainers who make it even more accessible.

    4. Group Training

    In the hectic world we live in, it can be almost impossible to fit in time to both exercise and socialize. Thanks to group training however, it’s become more realistic.

    Workout with four or more of your friends during a group training session and have a blast hanging out together while also bettering your minds and bodies! It’s no surprise that group training is expected to be a popular fitness trend in 2019.

    5. Self-Care

    While a healthy diet and exercise routine are a solid start to taking care of your body, self-care shouldn’t be tossed to the side. Rather than taking an aggressive approach to becoming healthier, people are shifting toward mindfulness. Mental fitness will likely become important aspect of physical fitness this year.

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    Do you have any fitness goals this year? Are you using any of these tactics to achieve them? Let us know all about your journey in the comments!

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