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    4 Exercises to Help Ease Joint Discomfort

    Your joints play a major role in your overall health and low impact exercises are one way to ease joint discomfort as it helps strengthen the muscles around your joints, supports healthy weight management and may help improve your balance. Try out these simple exercises to help ease joint discomfort.


    Walking is a simple exercise that doesn’t require too much exertion as you can chose your pace to suit your needs. As a bonus – walking is FREE! It doesn’t require a gym membership, special equipment or special training and it’s easy on joints.

    ease joint discomfort


    Exercising in the water allows your joints to float while getting a workout – what could be better than that? Swimming, like any other form of exercise, is good for overall health, supports healthy weight management and is easy on the joints.


    When your joints aren’t feeling their best, the rest of your body may begin to feel affected. Many people with joint discomfort often find it difficult to maintain proper balance or position awareness and may face an increased risk of falling. This fear is why many who experience joint discomfort choose to forgo any form of exercise.

    This is where balancing exercises like yoga or tai chi come into play. By practicing these, you can improve awareness throughout your body, which in turn, can benefit your coordination and balancing skills by giving you a better sense of where your joints are positioned.

    Get Fit Around the House

    You don’t have to join a gym or visit a yoga studio to fit in a good workout. You can do simple, low impact exercises around your home. Whether its spending time in your garden, cleaning the bathroom or raking the leaves, you can practice balance and improvise strengthening exercises with everyday objects!

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    At BIOVEA, we care about our customer’s overall health and wellness from the inside out. Joint difficulties and discomfort can make doing the things you love almost impossible, so its important you keep them active and healthy as long as possible.

    We offer a variety of joint health supplements formulated with the best ingredients to help you continue leading an active lifestyle.

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    1. Anthony says:

      Interesting article on joint health. I’ve always had trouble shedding pounds because of joint pain. I’m giving anything and everything a try for weight cutting these days. Have you done any research on leptin resistance? I found a sup with some decent science behind it and the reviews seem pretty decent:

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