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    How Exercise Can Benefit Your Gut Microbiome

    By now, we all know the power that probiotic foods and probiotics in general have on our overall health. Digestive health is a hot topic in the wellness community this year because the digestive system is central to your overall health. Nutrient absorption and the creation of hormones, enzymes, and other critical substances all depend on it.

    Additionally, health concerns that you may not associate immediately with digestive health, like mood and allergies, could be linked to the balance (or imbalance) of bacteria in your gut microbiome.

    Gut microbiome

    What Is the Gut Microbiome?

    Let’s back up.

    The gut microbiome is home to trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms that live inside the human body – mostly in the large intestine. Gross visual, we know. But as we said before, these little microbes play a huge role in your health.

    Improving Your Gut Health

    There are lots of ways to improve your gut microbiome ranging from eating fermented, prebiotic and plant-based foods to exercising and everything in between. In a study from researchers at the University of Illinois, they found that regular exercise over a six-week period can have a beneficial impact on the microbiome.

    At the end of the six weeks, many participants experienced an increase in gut microbes that assist in the production of short-chain fatty acids, which can reduce the risk of certain conditions. It is important to note that once the participants returned to their sedentary lifestyles, their microbiome was sampled again and had returned to its previous makeup.

    This means that regular exercise can help maintain the population of beneficial bacteria in the gut and in turn provide support for your overall health.

    Probiotics to Support Your Gut Microbiome

    Regular exercise isn’t the only thing you can do to support your gut microbiome!

    Probiotics provide friendly bacteria that help regulate your inner ecosystem, restoring balance to promote digestive health, natural immunity, and vitality from the inside out.

    Our new favorite brand is Probiogen Probiotics! Check out their selection of probiotics for digestive health by clicking here!

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