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    These Exercises Can Help Boost Your Sexual Wellness

    There really aren’t any downsides to getting the recommended amount of daily exercise; it can even support an improved sex life! According to a study published in August 2019, higher levels of aerobic exercise among active men and women may deliver a natural boost to overall sexual wellness and desire.

    Exercise boost sexual wellness

    Vigorous Exercise: Defined

    In the study, higher levels of aerobic exercise are also referred to as “vigorous exercises.” You are working out “vigorously” if your workout checks off these four boxes:

    • You are only able to speak a few words at a time, and speaking full sentences is not easy.
    • Your body burns more than 7 kilocalories per minute, which is 6 times the energy burned while sitting.
    • Your heart rate is working at 70 to 85 percent of your maximum rate.
    • You would rate your perceived exertion at around 15 to 19 on the Borg Perceived Exertion Scale.

    Are you ready to get your heart pumping? Check out this list of vigorous exercises to help give you a natural sexual wellness boost.

    Jogging or Running

    Brisk jogging or running are probably the easiest, most accessible ways to raise your heart rate because you don’t need any special equipment and its relatively inexpensive. Another benefit is that it’s accessible to all ages!


    Hiking is another great way to exercise vigorously, but unfortunately isn’t as accessible as running. If you live somewhere with expansive mountain ranges, this option is for you. On the other hand, if you live near flat terrain, you could still give this a try by increasing the escalation settings on the treadmill at your local gym.


    Fast-paced dancing can also count as vigorous exercise and can be a fun new skill to pull out should you ever need it. Bonus points if you sign up for dancing lessons with your partner, which is sure to get both your hearts pumping and perhaps even create a deeper intimacy between the two of you!

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