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    Dynamic Stretching Exercises to Support Your Workout

    Stretching is often an overlooked but critical component of workout routines. Doing so before you hit the gym can help you limber up and perform your best so it’s a good idea not to skip it. Try out these dynamic stretching exercises before your next workout!

    Knee to Chest

    Focus on bringing your knee cap into your chest. Begin by hugging your shin and rocking onto your toes with your opposite foot, which will give you more leverage. You can alternate each leg while stationary or do it while walking forward.

    High Kicks

    High kicks warm-up your hamstrings and support your ability to have a wider range of motion. You can do them while alternating as you walk or while stationary and focusing on one side at a time.

    When beginning with your right leg, extend your left arm straight out. Kick your right leg up so you’re your toes hit your palm while keeping your leg and arm straight.

    stretching exercises

    Lunge & Twist

    Lower into a lunge by stepping forward and dropping your hips. This will help activate your legs, glutes and hips. Don’t try to lunge too far forward so your front knee extends far beyond your toes. While in the lunge, slowly twist toward the side you are lunging for a more intense stretch.

    Hip Stretch & Twist

    Hip stretches with a twist work to open your hips and groin while stretching your core, upper, and middle back. Begin in the push-up position and bring your right foot up to your right hand while keeping your hips down and lower back flat. Then twist to face your left side while extending your arm and reaching toward the sky. Return to your starting pushup position and repeat on the other side.


    T-Push Ups help warm-up your shoulders and activate your core.

    Begin the stretch in the push-up position, then lower yourself toward the ground. As you push back up, extend one arm upward while keeping your opposite arm stable and your hips level. Lower your arm back to the starting position, do another push-up, and then repeat with the opposite arm.

    Support Your Workout

    Stretching exercises aren’t the only way to prep your body for an amazing workout. Explore BIOVEA’s selection of pre-workout powders and supplements to support your next trip to the gym.

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