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    Joint Health: Tips to Help You Stay Active

    Our joints are what keep us moving through life, whether it’s walking, swimming, hiking, biking or any other physical activity. Because joint health is so critical to our everyday lives, it’s important to take care of them. Keep your body active with these simple tips to help you maintain healthy joints.

    joint health

    Get Moving

    Many people are hesitant to maintain regular physical activity because they fear worsening their pain or cause further damage to their joints. However, holding one position for too long can make your joints stiffer.

    The body is designed to move, and our joints are what allows us to do that. By keeping your joints moving, you can reduce feelings of joint pain, promote stronger muscles around your joints and help yourself maintain a healthy weight.

    Eat a Healthy Diet

    One of the most important elements of maintaining healthy joints is eating a healthy diet, which in turn will help you manage your weight. Consuming a balanced diet will discourage excess weight gain and prevent additional stress on your joints. This can help reduce the wear and tear on joints like your knees, hips, and feet, discouraging the development of arthritic pains later in life.

    Get Your Vitamins and Minerals

    Certain vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy bones. These include vitamin D and calcium. While you can certainly absorb vitamin D naturally through sun exposure and diet, supplementation may be recommended for some.

    Vitamin D deficiency isn’t uncommon due in part to the dangers of too much UV exposure from the sun and because it may be difficult to have regular access to foods with naturally occurring vitamin D. These foods include:

    • Fatty fish like salmon
    • Oysters and shrimp
    • Egg yolks
    • Mushrooms

    Biovea has several vitamin D supplements available at varying doses for those who may not be getting enough vitamin D from other sources.

    How do you like to keep your joints healthy?

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