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    8 Tips To Help You Keep Your 2016 Resolutions

    New-Year-GoalsAs the New Year approaches, many of us are thinking about goals we’d like to accomplish in 2016. But the truth is, research shows that nearly 90 percent of people don’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions.

    The statistics may look grim, but that shouldn’t stop you from being a part of the goal-accomplishing 10 percent. Use these tips and tricks to meet all of your 2016 resolutions.

    1. Set specific goals.

    Generic goals like, “I want to lose weight” or “I want to save more money” don’t usually warrant the best outcomes. Setting specific and achievable goals like, “I want to lose 3 inches off my waist by June” or “I want to start saving 15 percent of each paycheck” may help give you the guidelines needed to reach your goals.

    2. Create a vision board.

    Vision boards, filled with images that represent goals, are effective daily visual reminders and motivators.

    3. Meditate.

    For thousands of years, meditation has been practiced for its positive benefits for mental, physical and emotional health. Meditating for just five minutes a day may help you in nearly every aspect of your life—including goal achieving.

    4. Be patient with yourself.

    All too often, we beat ourselves up when we fall off track. Whether you ate the piece of cake, or you missed your promised call with your mom: Don’t let it throw you off. Forgive yourself, be patient and move forward.

    5. Keep track of your progress.

    Lost 5 pounds? Great, track it! Finished that book? Great, track it! Regardless of the goal, tracking your progress is motivating.

    6. Plan ahead.

    Whether you’re preparing healthy snacks or stocking up on your favourite health supplements—planning ahead can make reaching your goals more realistic and simple.

    7. Use others for support.

    Friends and family can help you stay focused on your resolutions. Start by talking about what you’d like to achieve in 2016, and use your loved ones for guidance throughout the year.

    8. Adjust your goals as needed.

    Life happens. The year may bring about fantastic events or not-so-fantastic events, and sometimes you will need to change your goals and that’s OK.


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