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    10 Healthy Snacks We Love

    Healthy-SnacksSnacking tends to get a bad rap, but with so many healthy snacks out there, it shouldn’t!

    Here are 10 of our favourite, totally healthy snacks:

    Goji Berries – Delicious, filled with antioxidants and boosts energy.

    Sweet Cacao Nibs – Nutrient-rich chocolate that you can eat without guilt!

    Lara Bars – Made with minimal, simple ingredients you can actually pronounce.

    Quest Bars – High in protein, low in sugar and completely delicious.

    Raw Nuts – Filled with omega-3 fatty acids & protein, nuts are one of nature’s best energy sources.

    Wylde Pretzels – Gluten-free, low protein and specially made for those with food allergies.

    Organic Live Food 100 Calorie Bars – Made with raw, organic, live ingredients.

    Dried White Mulberries – Filled with fibre, protein and has less sugar than most dried fruits.

    Rise Bars – Short ingredient lists with whole, non-GMO foods.

    Banana Flakes – Satisfying, and a good source of fibre and vitamins.

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