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    The Power of Goji Berries

    Goji BerriesGoji berries are considered one of the world’s most powerful superfoods. They are grown in small shrubs in China, Mongolia and Tibet and are also known as wolf berries. Superfoods are valued for their naturally occurring nutrients such as antioxidants, fatty acids and essential oils among others.

    What Are Goji Berries?

    Goji berries deliver naturally occurring amino acids and varying doses of essential vitamins, including vitamin C. Like most berries, gojis deliver naturally living antioxidants which help fight free radicals that can cause oxidative damage.

    What can the Goji Berry do?

    Goji berries may also deliver several unique polysaccharides that are the preferred sources of good bacteria in the intestines. This bacteria can help support the body’s natural defenses. These berries are also great for aiding the body’s natural cleansing processes and support normal liver function.

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