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    Sustainable & Delectable: BareOrganics Superfoods | Earth Day 2019

    At BIOVEA, we are proud to carry brands that prioritize the health of the environment when developing their products. That’s why we are delighted to carry the BareOrganics Superfoods brand. Their line of nutritious, quality superfood powders, juices and brew cups aren’t only good for your body, they’re good for the planet too.

    This Earth Day, we wanted to highlight the sustainability efforts by a brand dedicated to keeping the health of its customers and the planet in mind.

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    Ditch Single-Use Plastics

    Plastic grocery bags, non-resealable product containers, water bottles and other single use plastics currently dominate the marketplace. While recycling can help divert some of this waste, it isn’t and shouldn’t be the end-all solution to minimizing the globe’s increasing plastic waste problem.

    Reusable Containers

    BareOrganics is tackling this problem head on by investing in packaging that can be reused, composted and/or recycled.

    BareOrganics powders are packaged in reusable, BPA-Free and top-shelf dishwasher safe jars that are convenient to reuse time and time again. Once these jars are emptied, their potential uses are unlimited.

    Environmental Impact

    Did you know about 60 percent off all man-made plastics that have ever existed are still scattered around the planet? BareOrganics strives to create products that make you feel good about how their products could impact the environment. That’s why they’ve made sure all their containers are 100 percent recyclable or biodegradable.

    Biodegradable Brew Cups

    Products of convenience are very attractive to those who lead busy lifestyles, but many generally require non-biodegradable materials. BareOrganics brew cups, however, are recyclable and contain biodegradable filters and grounds in order to produce less overall waste!

    The coffee residue and filter from your brew cup can be used to start your very own compost bin, helping you minimize your waste long after you’ve finished your cup of coffee.

    Celebrate Earth Day with BIOVEA & BareOrganics

    We are proud to offer our health-conscious customers products from brands who are concerned with wellbeing of the planet and the wellbeing of the people trusting their products. This Earth Day, consider investing in superfoods designed to nourish you from the inside out.

    Explore BareOrganics powders, juices and brew cups online at BIOVEA, or find the retailer nearest you!

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