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    3 Surprising Benefits of Probiotics You May Not Know

    benefits of probioticsAs we learn more about the critical role of the digestive system, the known benefits of probiotics to our overall health continue to increase. In fact, the digestive system plays a role in nearly every aspect of human health.

    These are some of the benefits you may not realize probiotics can have on your mind, body and life overall!

    They May Save You Money

    According to a recently released study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, general probiotic use could save consumers in health care costs as well as less the economic impact associated with lost productivity due to workers’ absence while ill.

    Support Natural Immunity

    Probiotics aren’t only beneficial for the digestive system. While these friendly bacteria help support the balance of bacteria in your gut for digestive support, they can also support immune system health.

    More than 70% of your immune system and the second largest neurologic system (after the brain) are located in the gut. Even issues that you may not link with digestive health are thought by researchers to be mediated by the composition of bacteria in the gut.

    benefits of probiotics

    Allergy Management

    Allergies are mediated by the composition of the bacteria in your gut. By helping to reduce gut and systemic inflammation, probiotics may be able to support favorable immune response to help provide seasonal relief to better manage allergies.

    Incorporate Probiotics Into Your Diet

    Our modern lifestyle can be particularly harsh on the gastric system, and there are several signs that your gut microbiome isn’t in tip-top shape, but there are a few lifestyle changes you can make to support it. One of these tactics is by incorporating probiotics, which provide friendly bacteria that help regulate your inner ecosystem.

    Our new favorite brand is Probiogen Probiotics! Check out their selection of probiotics for digestive health by clicking here!

    Another recent study found that regular exercise can be another effective way to support your gut health. Read more here.

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