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    5 Ways to be Healthier Now!

    You want to get in shape and you want to start now. But if you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. It can feel overwhelming to change your diet, as well as incorporate positive lifestyle changes, such as a daily exercise routine. Here are 5 simple ways on how to get started on a healthier you!

    Get fit now1. Be specific with your goals.

    Write them down. Set your alarm. Do them every day. Identifying your specific goals and keeping them fresh in your mind can help maintain motivation, so you don’t lose sight of what you want to achieve.

    2. Identify your weakness.

    Whether it’s late night snacks, saying, “I’m too busy,” or not seeing results as quickly as you’d like—we all have situations that may hold us back from achieving our goals. Educate yourself on your weaknesses and work to avoid those fitness pitfalls.

    3. It’s time to eat better.

    You may have heard that diet is the most important aspect of your fitness goals. Well, it’s true. But take it slowly, because if you make too many changes at once, you might go back to some of your favourite comfort foods. For one or two weeks, cut out all soda beverages, or perhaps trade your unhealthy afternoon snack with something healthy, such as carrots or an apple.

    4. Find an activity that you enjoy.

    Now this is very important because if you don’t necessarily enjoy the workout, then you’re more likely to stop your exercise routine. If you enjoy running, then do it! If you like going to the park and throwing a disc with your dog, then do it! Whatever physical activity excites you the most, do it and do it daily.

    5. Start today.

    Write your goals down and post them somewhere you’ll see every day. Make plans to perform your favourite physical activity. Replace one item in your diet. And lastly, have fun. After a few weeks of maintaining these healthy habits, you’ll start to feel and look better!


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