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    Fun, Effective Exercises to Do Outdoors

    OutdoorsSometimes exercising at home or the gym can become a little boring. Luckily, there are many kinds of exercises that can be done outside and that integrate well into a number of exercise programs. Check out our suggestions for fun, effective outdoor exercises below!

    Yoga: Yoga is great for supporting flexibility, a strong core, and more. There are many different types of yoga to try, from Vinyasa to Yin. And the best part is that yoga can easily be done outside the studio! Simply grab your yoga mat and head to the beach, park, or even your backyard to do some yoga in the sunshine.

    Jogging: Jogging is a classic way to incorporate cardio into any exercise program. It’s great to do outside because the changes in terrain and incline can lead to a more challenging workout than simply jogging on the treadmill. Plus, it’s nice to take in the scenery. Don’t like jogging? Try going on a brisk walk instead!

    HIIT: HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and involves quick bursts of intense physical activity followed by short recovery periods. It’s great for building endurance and doesn’t always require equipment, which makes it an excellent option for an outdoor workout. Just don’t forget your shoes!

    Hiking: Who doesn’t love an occasional hike to appreciate nature? Hiking is perfect for anyone at any fitness level, because different trails have different lengths and difficulties. Plus, you’re able to go at your own pace and take in the sights.

    Jumping Rope: Jumping rope may bring back memories of being in the schoolyard, but it’s also a great cardio workout! Take your jump rope anywhere to get your heart pumping while enjoying some fresh air.

    Paddleboarding: Paddleboarding involves standing on an oversized longboard and using a paddle to navigate across calm waters. Although it might look leisurely, this fun activity can actually work your entire body. Try it out the next time you’re near a lake or ocean, but go with an instructor if it’s your first time.

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