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    5 Tips to Support Healthy Sleep

    SleepSleep is incredibly important to overall health and wellbeing, but sometimes, it can be difficult to achieve healthy sleep. Because after all, life is busy! And it can be easier said than done to unwind after a long day. However, that does not mean it’s impossible. Follow these simple tips to help support healthy sleep, and create a nightly routine that works best for you.

    Take a Melatonin Supplement

    Melatonin is a natural sleep hormone found within the body. It helps regulate the body’s biological clock, letting you know when it ‘s time to get into bed and fall asleep. Supplementing with melatonin can help your body recognize that it’s bedtime, and help promote healthy sleep. There are many different options for melatonin supplements, like drops, tablets, and capsules.

    Turn Off Technology

    Although it may be tempting to scroll through your phone or watch a few episodes of your favourite TV show before going to bed, this can actually diminish your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. The blue light emitted by electronics can throw off your circadian rhythm, causing you to stay up later. To prevent this, try to ease off the technological devices at least an hour before bedtime.

    Ease off the Caffeine

    Caffeine is great for giving us a little boost whenever we need it. But if taken too late in the day, caffeine’s effects can run into the evening. This means possibly having a little extra trouble falling asleep. It’s totally okay to enjoy caffeine during the day, but for the sake of healthy sleep, try to ease up in the early to mid-afternoon.

    Take Up Reading Before Bed

    This tip ties in perfectly with giving up technology in the evening. Instead of using your phone, television, or computer for entertainment before bed, try reading a book! Reading is a great way to unwind after a long day. If books aren’t for you, try newspapers or magazines. Just make sure they’re in their physical form, and not on a screen.

    Set Your Bedroom to a Comfortable Temperature

    We’ve all had trouble falling asleep if it’s too warm, or even too cold. This makes for an unpleasant sleep experience and can lead to lots of tossing, turning, and adjustments. To prevent this from happening, set your room’s temperature to a climate that works for you. This will help your room become a comfortable, relaxing oasis, perfect for healthy sleep!

    Following these tips will help you develop a relaxing nightly routine that can lead to the sleep you need. Try them all, or just a few. Whatever works for you!

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    1. Beck says:

      Great article!
      You are completely right, A warm bath or shower before bed can also help you relax and improve your sleep quality.

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