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    Vegan & Vegetarian Sources of Vitamin D

    Attaining an adequate amount of the sun’s vitamin can be difficult for some, whether due to their environment or diet limitations. Unfortunately for those who are vegan or vegetarian, many of the most common food sources of vitamin D are fatty fishes like salmon, herring and sardines or other foods not available to them based on their diet.

    Vitamin D for Vegans

    The good news is, there are plenty of plant-based options out there with naturally-occurring vitamin D to support your overall wellness even if you don’t consume meat.

    *Note: The recommended daily allowance of vitamin D for the average adult (between the age of 18 to 70) is 600 IU or 15 mcg.

    Vitamin D for Vegans

    Maitake Mushrooms: One cup of diced maitake mushrooms naturally contains 786 IU of vitamin D, enough to support your entire day’s recommended allowance!

    Portobello Mushrooms: One cup of sliced portobello mushrooms naturally contains 634 IU of vitamin D.

    Fortified Soy Milk: One cup of original soy milk, fortified with vitamin D often has 120 IU of vitamin D.

    Fortified Almond Milk: One cup of original and creamy almond milk that has been fortified with vitamin D contains on average, 100 IU of vitamin D.

    Chanterelle Mushrooms: One cup of raw, chanterelle mushrooms offer, on average, 114 IU of the sun’s vitamin.

    Fortified Orange Juice: One cup of orange juice fortified with vitamin D may contain 137 IU of this vitamin on average, though it’s important to check product labels as the amount may vary.

    Fortified Soy Yogurt: One cup of soy yogurt that has been fortified with vitamin D contains, on average, 80 IU of vitamin D.

    Fortified Cereal: ¾ to one cup of ready-to-eat cereal that has been fortified with vitamin D usually contains 40 IU of the vitamin.

    Vitamin D for Vegetarians

    In addition to the options available to vegans, vegetarians can supplement their vitamin D intake with these foods.

    Fortified Low-Fat Dairy Milk: Typically, one cup of low-fat vitamin-D fortified milk contains between 115 and 124 IU of the sun’s vitamin.

    Fortified Yogurt: Six ounces of yogurt that has been fortified with at least 20 percent of the daily value of vitamin D contains 80 IU of the vitamin.

    Eggs: One whole, medium-sized egg typically contains 41 IU of the sun’s vitamin. The yolk of the egg naturally contains vitamin D.

    Supplement Your Vitamin D Intake with Help from BIOVEA

    For those who struggle to attain the recommended daily value of vitamin D, there are also vitamins and supplements to help you support your overall health. Click here to explore the various vitamin D supplements offered by BIOVEA.



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