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    Nutritious, Soothing & Versatile. Hemp Products Explained

    Hemp is an incredibly versatile plant whose nuts and oil play an increasingly larger role in the health and wellness industry. Oil from hemp seeds can be used in body products and cosmetics, as well as other everyday things like dressings, lubricants, ink, fuel and more!

    Hemp As Food

    Hemp has been a highly revered food source throughout ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Persian cultures. Hemp seed protein powder is very nutritiously dense and has can be used as a source of protein for vegetarians and vegans as well as support satiety and digestion with its high fiber content.

    Hemp productsBareOrganics Hemp Protein Powder is gently ground from high quality sources of organic hemp seeds, preserving the rich nutrient profile of the plant while also offering your body 23% of its recommended daily fiber intake with just one serving!

    Hemp In Your Beauty Routine

    Lotion infused with hemp seed oil typically feature an impressive collection of skin-friendly vitamins and antioxidants like vitamin E, which is one of the most abundant vitamins found naturally in the skin as well as vitamin C, which is a building block of collagen.

    Hemp-infused lotions also include beneficial fatty acids that bolster the plump appearance of the skin. Like other lotions, hemp lotion works to moisturize and protect the skin while also giving it a healthy dose of nutrients.

    Brands like MikaNaturals, for example, utilize the power of hemp seed oil as well as infuse nourishing botanicals and other natural oils to help soothe thirsty skin.

    Awaken the Mind, Body & Spirit with Hemp Extract

    Many systems are constantly working throughout the body to keep you healthy. One of these is the Endocannabinoid System, which has been referred to as the control system that supports balance in the body. Naturally occurring phytocompounds found in hemp may help support this balance.

    Products from companies like Hemp Fusion have formulated unique blends of hemp extract and other unique plant extracts to provide optimal support for the Endocannabinoid System, as well as naturally support proper sleep and healthy stress and mood.

    Mood support is one of the core applications of hemp extract in the health and wellness world. Select Hemp Extract capsules and liquid drops are formulated with various powerful herbal extracts to provide tailored effects, whether you need support for your natural energy levels, a boost to take on another day or to press pause on one that is stress-filled.

    Select even makes hemp extract products flavored for your anxious furry friend!

    As you can see, hemp has many different applications! How will you incorporate hemp into your health and wellness routine?

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