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    3 Breathing Practices to Support the Body’s Stress Response

    Stress is a natural part of human life and while the body is designed to experience and react to it, there are often situations when stress can overload our bodies. In these situations, it can be helpful to have an arsenal of natural techniques on hand that can support the body’s natural stress response.

    The next time you find yourself needing a mental recharge, try these simple mindfulness-infused breathing practices.

    1. Shoulder Pumping

    This quick, five-minute relaxation exercise is a simple way to clear your mind and inject a little bit more energy into your body. All you must do is move your shoulders either gently or with a lot of energy to the sound of your breath.

    breathing practices

    To begin, stand with your eyes closed and make a quick scan of your body and pay special attention to any discomfort you may be feeling. On your first breath in, lift your shoulders with your fists closed. Hold your breath at the top and make an up/down movement with your shoulders, making it as quick or slow as feels right. When you need to, expel your breath and release the tension in your shoulders, arms and hands.

    Repeat this motion three times.

    2. Tense and Release

    The tense and release is a longer form breathing exercise that can be practiced sitting, standing or lying down. This exercise uses all parts of the body and focuses on creating tension in most areas of the body and then releasing in targeted segments.

    To begin, breathe in and gently contract the muscles in your face and pay special attention to any discomfort. Breathe out loudly, let go, and completely relax the muscles, letting the tensions dissipate.

    Do these three times, moving along each area of your body.

    3. Bubble Breathing

    Bubble breathing can be either a short or long practice based on your preference. To begin, sit down and bring attention to your breathing. Keep breathing naturally for a few rounds without changing anything.

    Each time you breathe out, imagine all the feelings of stress and anxiety leaving your body in the form of dark bubbles. Conversely, when you breathe in, imagine golden bubbles entering you, bringing with them feelings of calmness, positivity and peace as well as anything else you might need during this practice.

    Continue for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, or however long you need.

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