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    6 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Naturally Beautiful Smile

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    The Importance of Good Oral Health

    Did you know that your oral health can provide clues about your overall health? Or that health-related issues in your mouth can affect the rest of your body? Unfortunately, many people may not realize just how important their oral health is, or how to properly protect their mouth.

    Keep your smile (and body!) healthy with these core oral health care tips.

    Brush Twice Per Day

    Brushing regularly and thoroughly is an effective way to keep your mouth clean, reduce plaque buildup and keep your gums healthy. It’s important not to rush when brushing your teeth but to instead take your time to do a thorough job.

    Consider using an electric or battery-operated toothbrush as they generally do a better job of cleaning than manual brushing.

    … Using Proper Technique

    Sloppy tooth brushing technique won’t effectively clean your teeth and gums.

    For the best results, hold your toothbrush at a slight angle and aim the bristles toward the area where your tooth meets your gum. Then, gently brush with short back and forth motions along the inside, outside surfaces of your teeth as well as your tongue.

    Keep Your Equipment Clean

    Like most objects, toothbrushes collect bacteria over time. For this reason, it’s important to rinse your toothbrush with water after brushing.

    Toothbrushes should also be stored upright, allowed to air dry and kept separate from other toothbrushes to avoid cross-contamination. Avoid storing toothbrushes in a closed container as this can encourage bacteria growth.

    Additionally, your toothbrush – or toothbrush head if using an electric model – should be replaced every three to four months or sooner if bristles are frayed.

    Floss Regularly

    The health of your gums can fall by the wayside if you avoid flossing. The fact is, brushing alone can’t clean the tight spaces between teeth and under your gum line.

    Visit Your Dentist

    Scheduling regular visits with your dentist is a great way to keep your teeth clean and healthy!

    Whiten Your Smile With Oralgen!

    Once you’ve tended to the health of your smile, make sure it’s your most beautiful and brightest! Enjoy the benefits and quality of professional teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost.

    ORALGEN NuPearl PRO  is a dentist-recommended system with NuBright™ LED Technology, Ultra Pure 12% Hydrogen Peroxide gel, and natural peppermint essential oil, providing visibly whiter teeth in just minutes. Reduce the damage caused by years of drinking coffee, wine, smoking, or eating foods that can stain teeth by removing surface stains and deep-seated discoloration.

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