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    5 Foods for a Natural Collagen Boost

    collagen boostThere’s lots of foods out there that can help give your skin a collagen boost! Try incorporating some of these delicious and nutritious foods into your diet.

    1. Bone Broth

    Did you know bone broth is basically cooked collagen? Thanks to this, it is a powerful way to help boost collagen in your skin!

    2. Dark Leafy Greens

    Your salad can give your skin a collagen boost too. Incorporate dark leafy greens like spinach and kale instead of romaine and lighter greens the next time you pack your lunch. Even more impressive? Dark greens offer antioxidants that can protect your skin!

    3. Lean Protein

    Proteins naturally rich in omega-3s like mackerel, salmon and tuna as well as grass-fed meat help shield the fatty membrane around your skin cells. The omega-3s in these proteins also boost the appearance of your skin cells, making them appear more youthful and healthier-looking!

    4. Berries

    Like dark leafy greens, berries like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and more are all loaded with antioxidants that can help protect your skin cells all while giving your skin a collagen boost!

    5. Garlic

    Garlic provides the body with natural ingredients that help damaged collagen and naturally contains sulfur, which is an essential part of collagen production.

    Collagen Supplements & Powders from BIOVEA

    Whether allergies or a finicky palate prevent you from incorporating some of these foods in your diet, don’t worry. BIOVEA has an array of collagen supplements and protein that can provide your body with a little boost. Click here to explore our available options!

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