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    Celery Juice: The Latest Green Drink to Promote Overall Wellness

    What Is Celery Juice?

    celery juiceMost people are familiar with eating celery stalks (ants on a log, anyone?) but few have heard of celery juice until recently. Consuming celery in liquid form has blown up all over social media, Instagram in particular, and is being heralded as the superfood boost everyone should include in their morning routines.

    Celery juice is exactly what is sounds like – juiced celery stalks. For those without juicers, celery stalks are blended and then strained to produce juice.


    Celery has been a popular health food for thousands of years. Historical records have shown that people have been transporting celery seeds since 4,000 B.C.E. and it was often used as a remedy for a range of conditions in China, Egypt and Rome.

    Celery juice contains several essential vitamins and minerals that support overall health as well as dietary fiber, which can support digestive health. Transforming celery into juice allows people to consume vitamins and minerals faster.

    Make Your Own Celery Juice

    Rather than purchasing celery juice from your local health food store, you can make your own at home in a few simple steps.

    1. Rinse one bunch of celery.
    2. Run the celery through a juicer or slice into smaller pieces and blend.
    3. If blending the celery, pour the juice through a strainer to remove any fibers before drinking.
    4. Enjoy!

    It’s that easy! Some describe the taste as a little bland, especially since we’re all used to sugary juices. For an added dose of nutrition, consider mixing in a small amount of your favorite healthy sweetener to enhance the taste!

    Have you tried celery juice? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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