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    Avoid These 3 Common Habits to Maintain Whiter-Looking Teeth

    We’ve given you tips to help you maintain your naturally beautiful smile, and now we want to help keep your pearly whites looking bright! Even those with impressive oral hygiene techniques can fall victim to tooth staining or a dulling smile. To remedy this, we suggest avoiding these common habits to help you maintain whiter-looking teeth naturally!

    1. Avoid Staining Foods

    It might surprise you to know that some of your favorite foods could be behind a yellowing smile over time. Common food coloring additives are well known for causing discoloration.

    Whiter-looking teeth

    To avoid this, opt instead for lighter-colored dishes, and meals that are based around whole foods that don’t come in a plastic container filled with potentially harmful preservatives and staining color additives.

    2. Reconsider Your Morning Coffee

    Particularly in the few days following a whitening procedure, consider cutting back on your morning cup of coffee, mid-day soda or late evening glass of red wine. These are some of the most common liquids that can stain teeth and leave them appearing dull.

    Understandably, if you can’t go without your morning coffee without being a tad cranky for the rest of the day, consider sipping your drink through a straw to avoid complete contact with your teeth – at least for a day or two.

    3. Quit Tobacco

    Whiter-looking teethThere’s a long list of negatives when it comes to tobacco products, and its effect on oral health and appearance is not immune. Tobacco can not only stain your teeth but is also associated with several detrimental oral conditions. Quitting can drastically improve the appearance of teeth as well as support overall oral health.

    Incorporate Whitening Touch-Ups

    While these lifestyle changes may come easy to some, they may not be a completely doable solution for all. In this case, whitening touch-ups between treatments may be the best option to maintain whiter-looking teeth.

    You can enjoy the benefits and quality of professional teeth whitening on the go in a matter of seconds with Oralgen NuPearl’s Perfecting Whitening Pen. This option is great for busy people who want targeted, professional strength teeth whitening results and features a gentle but highly effective whitening gel and a pen brush design for precise application, targeting touch-to-reach spots and problem stains for a smile that wows.

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