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    5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Weight

    So you worked and worked for that desired physique and now you have it. Here comes the tricky part: staying fit. Our bodies naturally crave sweet and salty treats and that includes healthy people, too. Follow these five simple tips to help you maintain a slim and healthy physique.

    maintain your weight1. Exercise Anywhere

    If you don’t keep your workout gear with you at all times, do some impromptu exercises with what you have available. If you sit most of the day in an office setting, get up and take a walk outside for 10-15 minutes.

    If you are travelling, you can always find a quiet place whether it’s in the hotel room or outside in a nice grassy area and do a few sets of push-ups and stretches. These simple exercises will help keep your mind alert and ensure you don’t break the great fitness routine you started.

    2. Family Time

    After dinner, take a nice walk around the neighborhood with the entire family. Or if you’d like to stay indoors, play a game that involves movement. Not only will this help you maintain your weight, it will also bring the family closer together with fitness!

    3. Accountability Partner

    Exercise with your partner or contact a friend. This is called shared responsibility; you help your partner or friend with his/her weight goals and in turn, he/she helps you. Make it a plan to go on a walk together at least three days a week. This will not only raise your heart rate, but also your spirits!

    4. Time to Dance

    Create a playlist with a variety of songs that have different rhythms and beats. This will make fitness more enjoyable and will also help you do different types of exercises. For example: an up-beat, powerful song can increase your adrenaline for those sweat-pouring exercises, while perhaps a calmer, softer song can support healthy recovery and effective muscle stretches.

    5. Reward Yourself

    Late afternoon is rolling around and all your co-workers are heading to the vending machine that seems to be packed only with pastries. Walk or drive to the nearest drugstore and purchase something that is not going to affect your weight, such as a magazine, a “thank you” card or a toy for your pet or child.

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