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    Reboot Your Sleep Cycle with These 4 Simple Tips

    Reboot your sleep cycleThe body’s natural sleep-wake cycle stems from the circadian rhythm, which in today’s busy world, can be thrown off its axis. Lack of sleep has many potential side effects ranging from irritability to a negative effect on your overall wellbeing.

    Use these simple tips to help reboot your sleep cycle naturally to help you wake up feeling refreshed.

    1. Reject Blue Light at Night

    Our world is made up of screens that emit blue light, which can throw the sleep-wake cycle off course. Even though our bodies naturally recognize the end of the day, exposing them to blue light radiating off our phones, computers, TVs and other devices can confuse them.

    You can help reboot your sleep cycle by avoiding screens at least two hours before bed and using softer forms of light such as candles, or by investing in amber glasses, which help filter the blue light from all sources – even fluorescent overhead lights.

    2. Minimize Your Dinner Portions

    Eating your largest meal before retiring for the night may not be the best idea. According to traditional ayurvedic beliefs, which suggest we eat according to our internal clocks, lunch should be the largest meal, followed by a smaller dinner.

    Eating a smaller portion of food at dinner allows the gut to digest a more reasonable amount of food and begin the necessary chemical processes required for a successful period of rest.

    3. Spend More Time Outdoors

    Without regular exposure to natural light, dull, fluorescent lights can confuse the body’s internal clock. That’s why it’s important to incorporate periods of outdoor activity throughout the day as prolonged exposure to natural light may help reboot your sleep cycle. This can be as simple as scheduling walking meetings at work rather than in a traditional conference room setting, eating your lunch outside or taking a walk after dinner.

    As an added benefit, incorporating some form of outdoor activity may also provide a mental health boost, reducing feelings associated with stress and therefore may support better quality sleep.

    4. Support Your Melatonin Production with Supplements

    Melatonin is a natural sleep hormone found within the body. It works to regulate the body’s biological clock, including letting you know when it’s time to get some shut eye. Supplementing your body’s natural melatonin production can help your body recognize that it’s bedtime and help promote healthy sleep.

    There are many different options for melatonin supplements, including drops, tablets and capsules. Explore the variety of sleep-supportive supplements available from BIOVEA online by clicking here.

    Are you having difficulty achieving quality sleep? These 5 common habits might be why.

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