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    New to BIOVEA July 2019: Explore Over 20 New Products!

    We’ve had a busy month here at BIOVEA making sure we provide our customers around the world with the best products to support their healthy lifestyles. Explore everything we added last month and let us know what more you’d like to see!

    NEW Vitamins and Supplements

    PQQ With BIOPQQ 20mg 30 Vegetarian Capsules | Doctor’s Best

    PQQ with BioPQQ from Doctor’s Best is a coenzyme formulated to promote energy production and support the body’s natural defenses. PQQ plays a role in cell signaling and act as an antioxidant to prevent oxidative stress. This blend of ingredients is gluten and soy free, non-GMO and made with vegetarian capsules.

    Berberine With Oregon Grape 1000mg 60 Vegetarian Capsules | Zhou

    BERBERINE Capsules from Zhou Nutrition provide 1000mg of berberine hydrochloride. Berberine supports a number of systems throughout the body for overall wellness. Specific benefits include gastrointestinal support and support for healthy blood glucose levels (already within a healthy range). Berberine from Zhou Nutrition is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and contains no preservatives, artificial colours, or fragrances.

    All Thymus (Raw Grass Fed) 60 Capsules | Natural Sources

    Raw Thymus Glandular Concentrate with Synergistic Complex contains nutrients, enzymes, proteins and more that support the body’s natural processes. Each capsule contains ingredients like vitamin C as well as a synergistic complex made up of thymus tissue, and American ginseng.

    Elder-C Elderberry Powder Plus Vitamin C | North American Herb & Spice

    Elder-C Elderberry Powder with Vitamin C from North American Herb & Spice is specially formulated to provide your body with a potent blend of ingredients to support your body’s natural defenses. Unlike other supplements, Elder-C is fortified with wild-source vitamin C and dried spice oils which work with elderberry to help you feel your best.

    Vitamin C Powder | Best Naturals

    Vitamin C Powder from Best Naturals is an efficient and convenient way to add an extra dose of support for your body’s natural defenses. The human body is not able to produce its own vitamin C, meaning it must be obtained through the diet. This vitamin C powder is formulated for superior antioxidant protection. All Best Naturals products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

    Grapefruit Seed Extract 100mg | Solaray

    Unflavored Grapefruit Seed Extract from Solaray offers broad spectrum wellness support thanks to naturally present antioxidants. Grapefruit seed extract provides the body with polyphenols such as limonoids and naringenin, which help support the body’s natural defenses thanks to their antioxidant properties. In this convenient liquid form, grapefruit seed extract can easily be incorporated into your daily wellness regimen.

    Hoodia-Force Oral Spray | Newton-Everett Nutraceuticals

    Just two sprays underneath the tongue may help to curb your appetite naturally. This convenient oral spray is perfect for those on the go or those who don’t like taking capsules.

    NEW to Digestive Health

    Candida Balance (With Colostrum Plus And Probiotics) 120 Vegetarian Capsules | Symbiotics Super Immune

    An imbalanced and unhealthy flora taxes your digestive tract and may result in moodiness, blemishes, aches and discomfort. Fight the effects of modern conveniences on your digestive tract and promote a healthy well-being with Candida Balance™

    Apple Cider Vinegar 500mg 90 Tablets | Source Naturals

    Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets from Source Naturals is a convenient way to incorporate this beneficial ingredient into your diet. Apple cider vinegar has been recognized as a versatile tool for various household, cooking, beauty and wellness purposes. Consuming apple cider vinegar in tablet form allows you to reap its benefits – like its ability to support digestive health and healthy weight management– while on the go.

    Acidophilus 4×6 120 Capsules | Now Foods

    4X6 Acidophilus from Now Foods is a vegetarian supplement formulated to promote positive probiotic balance and healthy intestinal flora. This formula has been designed with 4 billion potency/ six probiotic strains to supply a balanced spectrum of beneficial bacteria found in the digestive tract. This blend has also been strain verified and is keto-friendly.

    NEW to Diet & Fitness

    Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein | Garden of Life

    Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein from Garden of Life in Chocolate, Lightly Sweet and Vanilla flavors is formulated to supplement your body with clean, nutritious protein to help you meet your daily nutrition needs. Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies and plays an important role in building muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, collagen and more.

    One serving of Organic Whey Protein contains 21g of protein, 4.7g of BCAA and 2 billion CFU of probiotics for digestive support.

    Certified Grass Fed Sport Whey Protein | Garden of Life

    SPORT Certified Whey Protein from Garden of Life is a premium quality whey protein powder available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors that is formulated to refuel and repair muscles. One serving delivers 24g complete protein from whey protein isolate as the primary source with some milk protein added to provide some of the beneficial components found only in whole milk. Garden of Life whey delivers essential amino acids, 6g BCAA and 4g glutamine as well as 2 billion CFU of the clinically studied probiotic B.lactis BL-04.


    The NSF (National Science Foundation) Certified for Sport certification ensures that the contents of this product does not contain any of approximately 270+ substances banned by major athletic organizations and meets other rigorous quality standards to ensure consumer safety.

    NEW in Personal Care

    Hair Building Fibers 60 Day Supply + Applicator Kit (With Free Applicator Comb) Value Pack | KeratinMD

    • Hair Building Fibers add fullness and volume to hair.
    • Hair Building Fibers Applicator Kit with Applicator Comb and Spray Applicator allows for more precise distribution and enhanced styling capabilities.
    • Ensures complete, buildable coverage
    • Available in 5 shades!

    Hair Building Fibers 60 Day Supply + Finishing Spray + Applicator Kit (With Free Applicator Comb) Value Pack | KeratinMD

    • Hair Building Fibers add fullness and volume to hair.
    • Hair Building Fibers Applicator Kit with Applicator Comb and Spray Applicator allows for more precise distribution and enhanced styling capabilities.
    • Hair Building Fibers Finishing Spray sets fibers and adds volume to hair.
    • Available in 5 shades!

    Sonic Electric Toothbrush + Free Universal Adapter | Hanasco

    The Sonic Electric Toothbrush from Hanasco is a lightweight, rechargeable brush that’s easy to use and equipped with four brushing modes to leave your teeth sparkling after each use. Even better, you won’t have to worry about water damage with this elegantly designed toothbrush as it is IPX7 waterproof! Ensure you have a spare toothbrush head on hand when it’s time to replace by ordering the Sonic Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads.

    Sonic Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads 4 Count | Hanasco

    Sonic Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads from Hanasco are available in packs of four to ensure you have an extra on hand every time it’s time to switch out the old for the new! These high-density flocked toothbrush heads fit perfectly on the Sonic Electric Toothbrush to ensure your teeth are dazzlingly clean after each use. They are also shaped like a traditional manual toothbrush for your comfort.

    Hemp Muscle Rub | Select

    Hemp Muscle Rub from Select is formulated with pure Hemp Extract to work as hard as you do and help your body unwind after an especially taxing day. This highly concentrated, readily absorbed topical cream contains helpful ingredients like aloe, vitamin E, tea tree oil, menthol and more to soothe your muscles – all you have to do is apply the recommended amount to areas needing the most support.

    Saline Nasal Spray With Xylitol | Xlear

    Natural Saline Nasal Spray with Xylitol from Xlear is formulated to cleanse and moisturize the nasal passage to alleviate congestion caused by environmental irritants. Xylitol acts as a broom for your nose by eliminating bacteria and other irritants from your nasal passages. This drug-free formula is natural, fast, effective and safe for daily use. It is also made with non-GMO ingredients.

    NEW in Kids

    Children’s Strawberry Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops 10mcg | Newton-Everett Nutraceuticals

    Newton-Everett vitamin D3 liquid drops for children offer 10 mcg (400IU) of premium quality vitamin D3 to support your little one’s overall health and promote the development of healthy immune function and bone health. Newton-Everett vitamin D3 liquid is flavored with natural and delicious strawberry flavoring to appease your child’s taste buds, while supporting their best health and well-being.

    Yummi Bears Vitamin D3 Gummies 60 Count | Hero Nutritionals

    Sugar-Free Yummi Bears Vitamin D3 Gummies from Hero Nutritionals are a delicious way to support your family’s commitment to eating and living organically. These bear-shaped gummies have a tropical fruit punch flavor to delight every member of the family.

    NEW to Food & Home

    Super Fruit Antioxidant Blend | BareOrganics

    BareOrganics Superfruit Antioxidant Blend combines some of today’s most nutritious superfruits to pack a powerful antioxidant punch! BareOrganics Superfruit Antioxidant Blend offers a comprehensive list of superfoods for natural, organic free-radical fighting support. This convenient powder is also naturally sweetened with coconut sugar for a taste you’ll love.

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