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    Is Hair Loss Normal?

    Hair lossLosing a few strands of hair in the shower, or while brushing it out in the morning can understandably cause some to worry. However, you’ll be happy to learn that some hair loss is completely normal. In fact, the average person loses about 80 strands a day!

    For many people, hair loss is caused by breakage, which happens when someone practices less than perfect hair maintenance habits such as lack of moisture or too much exposure to heat styling to name a few.

    Thankfully, there’s a convenient way to fix this and keep your hair feeling healthy: Foligain.

    Foligain’s Clinically Proven Hair Loss Prevention Therapy*

    Only Foligain® Contains Trioxidil®, a triple action nutrient complex developed by a team of hair care experts, with natural, bioactive ingredients clinically proven to support less hair loss* and scalp health. Grow your confidence back!

    Trioxidil was developed and perfected by the experts at FOLIGAIN® to infuse hair and scalp with key nutrients and botanicals for healthier-looking, thicker-looking hair. Trioxidil is enhanced with a proprietary moisture barrier technology that locks in the key bioactive ingredients to support efficacy and retain skin moisture.

    These are some of our favorite aspects of Foligain products:

    Advanced Delivery

    Hair lossFoligain’s innovative time-release formula ensures active ingredients are distributed deeply and evenly when applied to the scalp for maximum strength and effectiveness.

    Natural Nutrients

    Hair lossThe key to preventing hair loss* and maintaining healthy feeling hair is nourishment. Foligain uses clean, bioactive nutrients that target the main causes of hair loss and block DHT for stronger hair follicles.


    Hair lossA dry scalp can lead to breakage, which is why this formula works to create the perfect environment for healthy looking hair. Moisture-lock technology seals in the natural nutrients and skin moisture for better scalp health and in turn, healthier-looking hair.

    One Size Does Not Fit All

    Men and women can be affected by hair loss*. That’s why Foligain offers Triple Action Complete Shampoos, Conditioners and Formulas for both men and women utilizing ingredients that have gone through rigorous testing and research to ensure the best support for scalp and hair health.

    With continued use, hair looks stronger, thicker and fuller!

    Triple Action Shampoos

    For men: Hair and scalp are infused with key nutrients, including Foligain’s triple action 2% Trioxidil complex, biotin, targeted vitamins, plus powerful herbals and extracts shown to fortify and thicken the look of your hair and support scalp health.

    For women: Infuse your tresses with key nutrients, including Foligain’s triple action Trioxidil complex, biotin, fruit stem cells, plus powerful herbals and extracts to gently remove build-up, invigorate the scalp and create the appearance of fullness and body.

    Triple Action Conditioners

    For men: Hair and scalp are infused with Trioxidil, targeted amino acids, soothing jojoba oil, plus powerful herbal extracts shown to thicken the look of hair. It also contains Biotin, Arginine, Emu Oil, and other potent extracts to support overall scalp health.

    For women: Hair and scalp are infused with Trioxidil, biotin, soothing jojoba oil, plus powerful herbal extracts to give new life to thinning hair for the look of fullness, volume and shine.

    Triple Action Formula

    For men & women: Liposphere micro-emulsion technology infuses hair and scalp with exclusive 10% Trioxidil. This formula also contains important hair nutrients such as biotin and is boosted by Trichogen™, Procapil™, copper peptides and pea sprout extract for a truly comprehensive solution.

    BIOVEA’s Favorite Hair Loss * Prevention Therapy

    At BIOVEA, we are proud to offer Foligain’s exclusive, award-winning product line to our customers all over the world. Explore the full Foligain line by visiting us at BIOVEA.com!

    *hair loss due to breakage

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