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    How to Choose the Perfect Perfume

    You’re getting ready for an evening at your favourite restaurant, or perhaps you are having guests over and you want to look and smell your best. Here’s some ways to help you choose the right scent that will leave a lasting impression.

    PerfumeThe Different Types of Fragrances

    Eau de Cologne: Made with a combination of between 3-5% perfume oil, alcohol, and water mixture, eau de cologne tends to be lighter and typically has a citrus component.

    Eau de Toilette: Composed with just slightly more perfume than eau de cologne (between 8-10%), eau de toilette is oftentimes made with alcohol and various oils.

    Eau de Parfum: With between 15-18% perfume oil, eau de parfum is very potent and tends to be more expensive than eau de cologne and eau de toilette.

    Perfume: Made with 15-30% scented oil and alcohol, perfume is the most potent and expensive.

    What Are Perfume Notes?

    Perfumes are made up of layers of different scents. These are called top, middle, and bottom notes. When a fragrance is first sprayed on your body, the top notes (usually those of citrus or light florals) are the first to be recognised by your sense of smell. After a moment, your nose will pick up the middle notes, followed by the bottom notes of the scent, which are the heaviest, such as: smoke, vanilla, and musk.

    Choosing the Right Fragrance

    Many experts will say that it’s best to keep a few types of bottled perfumes, each one for a different occasion. There are four fragrance families, and they include:

    Floral/Sweet: Sweet smells of freshly cut roses, lily, lavender, orange blossom, cherry blossom and others—soft, feminine, and easily loveable. This type of perfume is ideal for those sunny days when you’re having brunch with friends.

    Citrus/Fruity/Fresh: Warm, clean and light with an uplifting blend of orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime, and may include apricot, apple, and peach. This type of perfume leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

    Oriental/Spicy: Mysterious and reminiscent of exotic lands, this fragrance usually includes vanilla, along with a blend of spices, incense resin, amber, and musk. This type of perfume compliments well with a night of cocktails and good conversations.

    Woody/Chypre: Earthy and mossy, this fragrance family often includes bergamot, oak moss, and patchouli. With a mixture of comforting scents, this type of perfume might work best for those nights you want to stay indoors and create a romantic environment.

    At BIOVEA, we want all of our customers to experiment with many different fragrances to see which one is right for you!

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