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    Brew a Delicious Batch of Elderberry Tea at Home!

    Elderberries are dark, purple berries traditionally plucked from European elder trees. For centuries, the elderberry was used by both Native American and European herbalists in natural medicines. Other parts of the plant, including the flowers and leaves were used as well to promote overall health.

    More recently, elderberries have made a splash in the online health and wellness community. In addition to their delicious flavor, many believe elderberries may give the body’s natural defenses a boost.


    Elderberries are a delicious and versatile addition to any diet! They are often cooked to make juice, jams, chutneys, pies and wine! In fact, black elderberry pies were served as seasonal treats for American settlers. Many people boil elderberry flowers with sugar to make a syrup and use cooked elderberries as a healthy addition to fresh salads.

    Elderberry Tea Recipe

    Give elderberry a try by brewing your own delicious and natural elderberry tea!

    Servings: 3


    6 cups of water

    3 tbsps. dried elderberries

    2 cinnamon sticks

    4 pieces of cardamom

    4 whole allspice

    1 inch fresh ginger slices

    BareOrganics Agave Inulin or BareOrganics Coconut Palm Sugar to taste


    1. Place all ingredients, except the sweetener, into a pot on the stove.
    2. Turn to medium heat and once you reach a boil, cover and reduce heat to low.
    3. Simmer for at least 30 minutes, but up to an hour.
    4. Once desired taste and consistency is reached, strain the tea through a colander and enjoy.
    5. You may store leftover tea in a glass mason jar and refrigerate for a few days.

    Do you want to give elderberry a try without the hassle of brewing your own tea or making your own jam? Check out Biovea’s Elderberry Liquid Drops by clicking here!

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