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    Benefits of Organic Living

    Organic LivingMaking the switch to organic food and supplements is an important and often costly decision, so it’s best to be informed of all of the benefits and advantages. Switching can positively impact you and your health as well as the environment and organic farmers around the world.

    The Organic Difference

    Organic food is grown and produced in ways that are committed to human health, the welfare of animals and sustaining the environment. Organic farming maintains the fertility of soil by not using any toxic chemicals, such as pesticides. Organic food is also free of genetically modified organisms (GMO). This includes livestock that are raised without being fed genetically engineered food containing additives like antibiotics and/or bovine human growth hormone.

    Organic food and supplements have a very high concentration of nutrients. Animals raised in a natural, healthy environment, such as free-range chickens and grass-fed cattle, consume a wider variety of nutrients, making them healthier for humans to eat. Organic foods also do not go through as much processing as other foods, which helps to maintain their integrity and natural ingredients.

    Cost of Organic Living

    Although many people argue that organic foods are more expensive than others, buying organic can support small, family-owned farms. These farms, in return, contribute to local economies by selling their food in their area and providing jobs to residents. Some research has even found that organic farming methods can cut production costs for farms by 25%.

    Buying and eating organic food and supplements is just another way to enhance your healthy lifestyle and help you reach your health goals, and can also benefit the the environment and community around you.

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