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    Does Olive Oil Support Hair Health?

    Olive oil is the delicious kitchen staple that is likely sitting on your counter at home right now. It contains naturally occurring fatty acids and vitamin E, making it a healthy addition to virtually every meal, but did you also know that olive oil can benefit your hair health as well?

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    Hair Moisture

    Your hair is always losing moisture, whether because of frequent hot tool exposure or daily wear and tear. When hair becomes damaged, it can become more porous and end up losing water faster. Chemical processing, surfactants in shampoos and environmental stressors can also cause damage.

    How Olive Oil Can Help

    When olive oil is absorbed into the hair, it can help hair retain hydration, which it needs in order to remain healthy. This is thanks to your hair’s ability to absorb monounsaturated fats – like olive oil.

    It’s important to note that olive oil can’t act as a conditioner, because only water-based products can truly get the job done. However, when olive oil is used in conjunction with a water-based hydrating cream, it can work to help trap in the water.

    Other Benefits

    Olive oil has antioxidative properties thanks to its naturally occurring vitamins E and K, which can help prevent free-radical damage. It can also act as a lubricant for strands to help minimize breakage.

    Hair is weakest when wet and when you factor in surfactants from shampoo and the friction from scrubbing your tresses, this can lead to raised cuticles, stretching and splintering in the blink of an eye.

    This means that applying olive oil before hopping in the shower can not only help your hair retain moisture but also minimize the extra damage hair endures from being wet.

    Hair Health Support from BIOVEA

    Olive oil is an effective and convenient tool to use when your hair needs a health boost in a pinch, however there are times when you may need a something a little more powerful. BIOVEA is proud to carry a wide variety of hair care brands, including the award-winning Foligain!

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