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    3 Simple Ways to Avoid Midday Energy Crashes

    Oh no! It’s after lunch and your body is about to crash due to low energy. Quick! Think of anything else besides that cozy bed with the perfectly fluffed pillow, and the thought of sleeping without any disturbances or responsibility for hours. Sorry, I just made it worse, huh? Midday crashes happen to everyone, some more often than others. Here are some ways to stop those midday crashes and help you endure the entire day with a balanced level of energy.Midday Fatigue

    Eating a Nutritious Breakfast

    You might be too tired to make a nice breakfast, but if you make the effort to eat whole grains, yogurt and fruit in the morning, you will stop cortisol (the stress hormone), increase energy and be less likely to make a bad lunch decision (i.e., saturated fats and high-carbohydrates)—which will inevitably make you drowsy.

    Eat More Raw Fruits & Vegetables at Lunchtime

    When you cook, you destroy natural enzymes in food. Those enzymes help your body digest food properly. And without those enzymes, your body has to produce them by itself. This process is hard work and subsequently drains your body of energy, leaving you seriously fatigued.

    By eating a handful of raw fruits and vegetables that are packed with energy-boosting enzymes, you will experience prolonged energy and easier digestion.

    Sleep & Exercise

    You knew these two were going to be mentioned. The reason why they are talked about so much is because they have a HUGE impact on your energy, immune system and metabolism.

    You should be receiving at least 8 hours of sleep. Do your best to do this. And you should be exercising at least 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. It doesn’t have to be a high-intensity exercise. You can do simple exercises such as taking a walk during your lunch break.

    When you receive adequate sleep, you will avoid nodding off during the day, plus you won’t have to rely on sugary sodas or enormous amounts of caffeine for sustenance. And exercising maintains healthy blood flow, which keeps your body at a natural energy level for the entire day.

    Of course there are so many more ways to help increase your energy. Please leave a comment below and let us know what you do to keep your energy up and avoid midday energy crashes!

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