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3 Easy Ways to Support Natural Intimacy With Your Partner

Intimacy between you and your partner is one of the most important components of a satisfying relationship for all parties involved, but it can be difficult to develop. Developing intimacy is difficult, in part, because each partner might have a different definition of what exactly intimacy is.

No matter the definition however, intimacy boils down to the sense that another person truly knows you and loves you because of who you are. It takes vulnerability, honesty and hard work to maintain intimacy. There are, however, a few light-hearted things you can do to naturally support your intimacy with your partner.

Laugh Together

What’s more lighthearted than laughter? Humor is a very personal aspect of everyone’s personality. What one person finds hilarious, another might not. For this reason, sharing a moment of pure joy and shared laughter with your partner is one of the most intimate things you can do because it’s one of the most basic signals that the person you are with understands you on a level different than others in your life.

Try Something New … Together

Trying something new together can be as simple as attempting to assemble a piece of furniture or raising a puppy. As you both navigate this new territory together, there will likely be plenty of room for disagreements, compromises and perhaps surprising similarities you didn’t know you had.

This is not only guaranteed to strengthen your relationship, but it will likely reveal a new level of intimacy where you each know more about the other person’s character, habits and expectations that no one but you would have the privilege to know and experience firsthand.

Acknowledge Them

Once you’ve been in your relationship for a fair amount of time, you’ll probably realize a few things becoming routine. You cook dinner, your partner cleans the dishes, you do the laundry every week and clean the bathrooms and your partner vacuums.

After a while, you’ll each assume you’re responsible for specific chores around the house, and you may expect the other person to always do their fair share. Even if you hate vacuuming and are glad your partner does it regularly, reminding them of this regularly is important.

Take a moment to thank them for what they do for you and your relationship. A simple acknowledgement – or even a compliment! – can go a long way and it will remind them that you see what they do, and less like they are being taken advantage of.

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