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Babylabs: The Best Natural Products For Your Little One

BabylabsBabies are busy—busy exploring, absorbing, and learning everything there is to learn about the world.

While your baby is keeping busy, it’s up to you to make sure your little one is safe and healthy. Babylabs products are specially designed with your baby’s comfort and health in mind, using Certified Organic, natural ingredients to provide the very best from Mother Nature to mothers and babies around the world.

How Is Babylabs™ Different?

While many other baby wellness products contain unrecognisable, harsh chemicals and ingredients, Babylabs™ uses wholesome, gentle ingredients you can pronounce that safely and effectively nourish your baby.

Each and every product in the Babylabs™ line is crafted with love in a USDA Certified Organic Facility using safe, non-GMO, and cruelty-free ingredients. The result of this dedication to quality and care is trusted products for your bundle of joy.

Are Babylabs™ Products Right For My Baby?

Each baby has a specific set of delicate needs, and Babylabs is dedicated to meeting those needs. Every ingredient in every product is chosen and formulated to pamper even the most sensitive skin. Babylabs creators understand that your little one is precious, and spend countless resources dedicated to formulating the safest, most effective natural baby products available.

What Are The Babylabs™ Must-Haves?

Body Lotion (Sweet Orange): Gently moisturises with organic beeswax, sunflower and safflower oil, and botanical extracts. Leaves your bundle of joy with soft, hydrated skin.

Gentle Baby Shampoo & Body Wash (Sweet Orange): Plant-based cleansers and moisturizers like avocado oil and aloe vera make bath time a treat.

Diaper Balm (Unscented): Keeps your baby’s bottom moisturised and diaper-rash-free with organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, and other nourishing oils and extracts.

Chest Rub (Essential Oil Blend): Soothes congestion with calming essential oils and organic beeswax.

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