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5 Pregnancy-Friendly Exercises

Pregnancy-FitnessPregnancy is an exciting time that causes many different changes in the body. It’s also a very delicate time since you’re doing everything for two, including exercising!

Exercise during pregnancy can have a number of health benefits for you and your little bundle of joy, but it’s important to choose workout methods that are safe in order to prevent complications or injuries. Below are 5 pregnancy-friendly exercises for mothers of every fitness level.

Note: Before starting any fitness routine, consult a medical professional that knows your pregnancy and individual needs.

1. Swimming

Water workouts like swimming and water aerobics are a top choice for working out while pregnant. In water, you weigh a tenth of what you do on land, which makes movement much easier when you have a bun in the oven. It’s also gentle on joints and may help relieve nausea and aches!

2. Indoor Cycling

Cardio routines on a stationary bike allow you to break a sweat without putting too much strain on your joints. However, be sure to know your limits and ease up on sprints, hills and too much resistance if you think that you’re overheating.

3. Weight Training

Lifting weights during pregnancy can help tone your muscles and build strength for when your little one arrives. However, it is incredibly important to focus on slow, controlled movements and not lift beyond your abilities, especially as your pregnancy progresses.

4. Pilates

Although not all of Pilates is ideal for pregnancy, there are many routines and philosophies great for helping you stay fit for two. Pregnancy-approved Pilates focuses on strengthening the core and lengthening muscles, which can assist with backaches and posture.

5. Power Walking

Taking a brisk walk is one of the most accessible, low-impact workouts that can easily be worked into almost any everyday schedule. Walks around the neighbourhood (and even light jogs in earlier trimesters) on even terrain can raise your heart rate without putting too much stress on the body and baby.

Any and all of these options are great for staying healthy and fit during pregnancy, but be sure to consult your medical professional beforehand. And if you feel you need a little extra boost for your day-to-day routine, click here.

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