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    Why Is Maca So Popular? Discover The Incredible Benefits of Maca

    MacaPowderMaca root has been coveted for centuries—and for good reason—it is one of the world’s most amazing superfoods.

    This incredible root is commonly used for its vast health benefits, but despite its popularity, many individuals still have questions about the ancient ingredient. Discover the benefits of maca and get answers to the most frequently asked maca questions:

    What Is Maca?

    Maca is a Peruvian plant that flourishes in the mineral-rich peaks of the Andes Mountains. The radish-like root has been used for thousands of years as a food source as well as a tonic used to support vitality, energy and well-being. Today, maca is used for its seemingly endless list of health benefits.

    What Are the Benefits of Maca?

    Filled with active antioxidants and nutrients, maca supports the whole body. In fact, it is one of the few plants that have adaptogen qualities—which means it may help the body handle physical and mental stress, allowing for a stronger, less susceptible immune system.

    Maca’s nutritional profile effectively promotes balanced hormones and nourishes the body, resulting in supported:

    • Sexual health
    • Hormone health
    • Energy
    • Fertility
    • Immunity
    • Mood
    • Endurance & stamina
    • Overall health

    How Does Maca Work?

    Maca is a powerhouse of nutrients. The superfood is made up of fatty acids, amino acids, protein, minerals, alkaloids, B vitamins and more. The makeup of phytochemicals and vitamins is supportive of nearly every body system, and ensures the body is replenished and functioning efficiently.

    Who Should Take Maca?

    Anyone looking to boost overall health and well-being with a nutrient-dense superfood can benefit from taking maca. Maca is especially beneficial for those looking to naturally improve energy, vitality, stamina or sexual health.

    How Should You Take It?

    Encapsulated maca is generally the most convenient, safe and preferred way to consume maca. If you’re looking for a simple way to reap the rewards of maca, capsule form might be best for you.

    Powdered maca is popular among those who enjoy adding maca to smoothies, beverages or favourite recipes. If you’re looking to elevate a beverage or dish with a vitamin-rich powder, powdered maca might be right for you.

    Liquid maca is generally added to tea or other beverages, and may be taken orally too. If you’re looking for a concentrated, liquid version of maca, this might be the right form for you.

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