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    Top 3 Health Benefits of an Adrenaline Rush

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    We all know the feeling: you’re about to do something scary or out of your comfort zone. It may be taking a leap off a high cliff into the ocean, or simply making a big presentation at work. Either way, the surge of adrenaline happens. Your heart starts beating, your hands may get clammy, and it feels as if your whole body is on edge. This may not feel great at the time, but your body producing a hit of adrenaline every now and again can actually have a number of health benefits! Read on to find out how a little adventure and adrenaline can lead to a happier, healthier you.

    Adrenaline Can Help Strengthen Immunity
    It’s long been established that chronic stress is bad for overall immunity. However, quick bursts of adrenaline and stress may actually work to strengthen the immune system and immune functions. Much like regular exercise (which is a moderate, short-lived stress for the body), allowing adrenaline to penetrate your system in short bouts with a period of recovery can lead to stronger immune functions and overall immune health. This means less sickness in the future, making more time for adventure!

    Adrenaline Can Enhance Overall Performance
    The notion of working best under pressure can sometimes ring very true. If you’re looking for perform your best¬, a little stress and adrenaline can help—up to a certain point. Various studies have shown that stress-induced heart rates between 115 and 145 BPM can lead to enhanced complex and gross motor skills. However, it’s important not to let the stress get too high. After 145 BPM, performance can begin to deteriorate. Therefore, it’s best to let the stress and adrenaline run its course. But do not let the fear steer or become too out of control.

    Adrenaline Leads to More Confidence and a Better Sense of Self
    When have you ever truly regretted trying something new or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? Chances are it was scary at first, but overall a worthwhile experience you would be open to trying again. Embracing adrenaline in adventurous situations and living to tell the tale increases feelings of euphoria and can ultimately increase overall confidence. Having more confidence in yourself and your abilities can not only help you become more open to new experiences, but it also increases feelings of wellbeing and prevents future feelings of chronic, harmful stress. Instead, more room is made for feel-good adrenaline and constructive, motivating stress

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