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    Red Reishi vs. Maitaki: Comparing Super Mushrooms

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    Mushrooms have become a diet staple for anyone looking to feel better and reap the benefits of health-friendly fungi! Here, we look at two of the most nutritious super mushrooms out there: Red Reishi and Maitake.

    How are Red Reishi and Maitake Similar?
    Red reishi and maitake mushrooms both excel in their superfood status because both offer a number of positive benefits to the body. First and foremost, red reishi and maitake mushrooms work wonders for the immune system due to beta-glucans that act as immune stimulants upon consumption. Both mushrooms also contain polysaccharides in their dense nutritional profiles, making each an excellent choice for maintaining heart health and overall wellness!

    How are Red Reishi and Maitake Different?
    Although they share a number of health benefits, red reishi and maitake mushrooms do differ slightly in their nutritional makeup. Red reishi mushrooms contain polysaccharides, triterpeniods, amino acids, and proteins that support the cardiovascular, circulatory and immune systems. Meanwhile, maitake mushrooms contain polysaccarhides, fibre and potassium, lending them to better digestion and strenghtened immunity.

    Another difference to note is taste. Red reishi mushrooms possess a tougher texture and more bitter taste, making them a little less common in recipes and better suited for immunity teas. Maitake mushrooms have a lighter, more feathery texture and savory taste, making them popular in a number or gourmet and health-conscious dishes.

    Whichever mushroom you choose, remember that both red reishi and maitake make excellent addition to your diet for better immunity and overall wellness and vitality!

    Is there a super mushroom that you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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