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    The Power of Three: Trioxidil for Hair Loss


    It seems as if there are endless causes for hair loss and thinning: genetics, stress, lack of protein, pregnancy, age, and poor diet, to name a few. No matter the cause, hair loss and thinning are frustrating issues for both men and women, but finding a solution doesn’t need to feel like a hopeless endeavour. Today, researchers continue to gain insight into the science of hair loss, which in turns helps us to understand what ingredients and mechanisms will be most effective.

    A breakthrough complex developed by researchers in the hair loss industry uses a unique blend of clinically studied ingredients to help you gain your confidence back. Trioxidil® by FOLIGAIN is completely unique in its blend of DHT blockers, hair health botanicals, and ingredients for scalp health, to create thick, full, great-looking hair. Read on to find out how Trioxidil can help.

    1. Protein Replenishment and DHT Blocking
    Trioxidil utilizes clinically studied ingredients to act directly on the hair loss hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and block it from shortening the hair cycle. It also works to replenish essential proteins to hair follicles, providing fuller, thicker hair in place of thinning, brittle hairs.

    2. Targeted Anti-Thinning
    In many cases of hair loss, hair begins to thin before ceasing to grow altogether. Trioxidil focuses on preventing hair thinning in order to thicken hair and stimulate growth. With the help of potent bioactives, Trioxidil targets the main causes of thinning and fortifies hair from within in order to promote healthy regrowth.

    3. Scalp Nourishment and Care
    The scalp can often be overlooked in reference to hair loss and thinning, but it is actually quite essential. A healthy scalp acts as a base for healthy hair, so it’s especially important to maintain scalp health in the wake of hair loss. Trioxidil takes the scalp into account through the use of moisture-lock technology and strong-yet-soothing ingredients. These work together to reduce irritation and leave the scalp ready for new hair.

    It’s important to remember that maintaining thick, healthy hair is also achieved through consistent exercise, a healthy diet and minimal chronic stress. For those who may need help, Trixiodil provides hair loss relief and healthy regrowth. Trioxidil is only available by FOLIGAIN – experts in hair loss and hair rejuvenation who utilize advanced technology and clinically proven ingredients for products that provide visible results.

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