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    Five Natural Foods to Grow Hair

    Food to grow hairHave you ever heard anyone complain about having too much hair on his or her head? Yeah, we haven’t heard that complaint either. However we have all heard—or experienced—the frustrating and embarrassing dilemma of hair thinning/loss. Let’s talk about some natural ways you can stop hair loss and possibly increase hair growth.

    Meat & Veggies: Whole foods such as cucumbers, potatoes, peppers, lean meats and bean sprouts are rich in hair-strengthening silica and iron. (Keep skin on vegetables for better nutrition.) These natural minerals strengthen hair follicles and trigger hair regrowth dynamics.

    Healthy Fats: Foods such as walnuts, salmon, flax seeds (or flax seed oil) and avocados deliver Omega-3 fatty acids to the scalp area, which are known to promote effective hair growth.

    Green Tea: Rich in antioxidants and other natural chemicals, Green Tea can prevent the hair-thinning DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) while utilising its anti-inflammatory properties to stimulate hair follicles.

    Red Pepper: Containing the natural compound capsaicin, Red Pepper can help increase insulin-like growth factor-I production, which can stop hair loss and promote a thick, full head of hair.

    Onion: According to Journal of Dermatology, a study was done on the effectiveness of onion juice with people who have alopecia areata. Just after two weeks of applying onion juice directly to the scalp, the high sulfur content increased blood circulation, reduced skin inflammation and resulted in successful hair regrowth.

    In addition to these natural remedies, some might need a little extra help with hair loss. At Biovea, we have hair loss treatments that are safe and effective. Treatments such as: Foligain, Minoxidil and Spectral can help stop hair loss while increasing possible hair regrowth.

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