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    C-Section Birth and Probiotics: What You Need To Know

    Pregnancy_ProbioticIf you’re pregnant and plan to deliver your baby via caesarean section, you may want to consider taking a probiotic supplement in order to boost your baby’s health.

    C-Sections and Gut Flora
    Caesarean sections can be performed at the mother’s request or under the orders of a doctor, and many women deliver their baby via C-section instead of vaginally. This method is safe for the baby, but may have some implications for its overall health and gut microbiota. Since the baby is delivered directly from the uterus during a C-section, it does not pass through the mother’s birth canal, meaning it may miss out on a number of beneficial bacteria.

    This means less diversity in their gut flora, and overall less diversity in their immunity. Starting without strong base of healthy bacteria has the potential to lead to a number of issues for infants down the road, such as food allergies, colds, ear infections, and more.

    Gut Flora: From Mother to Child
    Previously, it was believed that babies’ guts were completely sterile until they were born. However, new research has uncovered that babies actually begin accumulating bacteria in their guts prior to birth!

    The bacteria that babies pick up in the womb is highly tied to the mother’s lifestyle, making it incredibly important for those undergoing a C-section to provide their newborns with the right bacteria.

    Another complicated aspect is that most C-section mothers are instructed to take preventative antibiotics in order to protect against infection during the procedure. This is great in that it protects the mother and baby, but not so great in that antibiotics kill all bacteria, even the beneficial strains. This makes it even harder for C-section mothers to provide their little ones with a strong base for a healthy gut flora.

    If the right bacteria are wiped out with antibiotics and can’t come from the birth canal, where can it come from?

    5758-daily-digestiveSupporting Your Baby’s Gut With Probiotics
    It’s important for all new mothers pursue a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, but especially for C-section mothers hoping to establish a healthy gut microbiota for their children. In this scenario, probiotics are a fantastic option. C-section mothers can take probiotic supplements during pregnancy not only to maintain a healthy pregnancy, but also provide their babies with essential bacteria in the womb that may otherwise be wiped out by antibiotic treatment.

    However, in this scenario it is incredibly important to choose a probiotic supplement that is strong enough to withstand antibiotics and also survive the harsh GI tract. This is where Probiogen comes in. Probiogen utilizes Smart Spore Technology ™, allowing its DNA-verified strains to survive 100x better than other leading probiotic and yogurt brands. It’s also safe to take while pregnant and during antibiotic treatment.

    Probiogen can also work for mothers experiencing digestive issues or constipation during pregnancy, regardless of their choice of birth method. Since these issues are rather common during pregnancy, doctors will often recommend a probiotic treatment. Probiogen is designed to survive, making it an excellent option not only for C-section mothers, but any mother looking to nourish her baby during pregnancy and stay regular and healthy.

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