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    Are We TOO Clean?

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    It seems obvious that germs and bacteria are to be swiftly avoided. No one wants to be exposed to the risk of coming down with the sniffles, so it makes sense to want to keep our surroundings (and ourselves) as clean and bacteria-free as possible. However, not all bacteria are created equal, and some are actually beneficial to our overall health! This makes the indiscriminate attitude towards microbes—microscopic organisms too small to see with the naked eye such as dirt, bacteria and fungi—potentially harmful to health and wellness. It also begs the question: are we too clean? Read on to find out how you can use bacteria to your own healthy advantage.

    Cleaner is Not Always Better
    According to microbiologist Kiran Krishnan, society currently runs the risk of becoming far too sterile, and that germs and microbes should not always be the enemy.

    “Exposure to microbes is an essential part of being human. Most of our immune system is comprised of tissue that requires activation by the microbes we’re exposed to. The immune system requires the presence of friendly bacteria to regulate its functions.”

    This means that without exposure to the right kind of bacteria, our immune systems cannot develop as needed and ultimately weaken.

    What Can You Do?
    Embrace Nature—And New Microbes: Another factor in the importance of the exposure to new microbes is diversity of the microbiome. Or in other words, having a variety of different microbes in the body at one time. This allows your body to combat the small percentage of microbes that can cause health issues if your microbiome isn’t diverse enough. Increasing your microbe intake doesn’t need to be a matter of rolling around in the dirt. In fact, simply spending a little time outside can make all the difference, says Krishnan.

    “Almost everywhere we go in the environment, from parks to woods to rivers, we come into contact with microbes. They can enter our respiratory system, our digestive system or just hang on our skin.”

    Get Up Close and Personal: Human contact can be great for immune health. Since everyone has their own set of different microbes and bacteria, exposing one another can help improve immune systems and increase microbiome diversity. So don’t be afraid to give your loved ones an extra hug or smooch every once in a while! Your immune system will feel the love.

    Enjoy Some Probiotics: Looking to incorporate some healthy microbes back into your lifestyle? Probiotics are a great choice! Probiotics are live yeast and bacteria that help food move through your gut and can also help support your digestive and immune systems. They can also help replenish good bacteria after it has been wiped out by antibiotics or other medications.

    Overall, probiotics promote a healthy gut flora, which can lend itself to many different benefits throughout the body such as increased immune function, better digestion, and even improved oral health.

    Probiogen: Your New Favourite Probiotic
    As with bacteria, not all probiotics are created equal. Many probiotic supplements, as well probiotics found in dairy products like yogurt, are unable to survive the harsh gastric system and make it to the site of action alive. This means they don’t survive long enough to actually benefit the body.


    In order to reap the benefits of probiotic bacteria, it’s crucial to choose probiotics strong enough to last. Probiogen is different than other probiotics thanks to its use of Smart Spore™ Technology, which allows the bacteria to survive up to 100x better than the leading probiotic brands and yogurt.

    The spores used in SmartSpore™ Technology are DNA verified strains. No other probiotic is doing this 3rd party testing to prove they’re testing their formulas and have the strains they say they have!

    It’s time to think positive about bacteria for a healthier gut flora, digestive system, and an overall healthier you!


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