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    Are Pet Owners Healthier?

    Pets bring love, friendship, and fun to all of our lives. Studies have also found a correlation of owning a pet and living a longer, happier, and healthier life. Here are just a few ways pets increase your vitality and well-being.

    Pets Boost HealthImprove Heart Health

    According to a studies, owning a pet may strengthen your heart. The study showed that people with high blood pressure and high-stress jobs, who then adopted a pet, saw their blood pressure lower significantly.(1) It is also said that pet owners who have dogs are more likely to get the recommended amounts of exercise than those without, which is a necessary step to strengthening your heart.

    Children’s Immunity

    A Finnish study found that pets might help strengthen children’s immunity. According to the study, 397 children—from pregnancy forward—revealed that those who lived in a home with dogs or cats were healthier during their first year of life than children who did not. Children who lived with a pet inside their homes suffered 31% fewer respiratory tract infections and 44% fewer ear infections than children who did not have a pet. Researchers also reported that 29% of the children who lived at home with a pet were given fewer antibiotic prescriptions in their first year, in contrast to those children without a pet. Households with a feline member of the family showed similar results.(2)

    Lift Mood

    Cats and dogs can lift your mood. The simple act of caring for a pet can make you feel better about yourself, which can increase your self-esteem and help stave off depression. Pet owners gain emotional support from their pets, and also have a greater sense of well-being. This emotional support can help reduce feelings of loneliness and increase feelings of happiness.

    Tell us how much your pet brings you joy in the comment section below!

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