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    Both are Best: Aloe Vera Softgels & Aloe Vera Juice

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera is an all-natural succulent that is used to soothe. But not just the skin. When ingested, it can help support overall wellness. There are two popular forms of this plant for dietary purposes: softgels & juice.

    Aloe Vera Softgels & Juice: The Similarities

    Let’s get the obvious out of the way, they are both Aloe Vera. Remember when you received that harsh sunburn? Or what about the time you fell and scraped your knee? Most likely Aloe Vera was there, acting as the cooling agent.

    When taking Aloe Vera softgels or drinking its juice, you’re allowing the plant’s cooling agent to work its magic.

    And Now, the Differences

    Quick and simple, softgels are more potent than juice, thus their difference in cost. However, children might have a difficult time swallowing softgels and therefore would likely be more receptive to Aloe Vera juice. You could even make it fun by mixing the juice into a fruit smoothie!

    aloe veraWhile both products support healthy-looking skin, the softgels can only be administered orally whereas the juice can be administered orally AND directly to the skin. And the final difference comes down to you: maybe you’re the type that doesn’t forget to take your daily vitamins—including Aloe Vera softgels—EVERY DAY. Or maybe you’re the type that is always on the move; filling a small bottle with juice is more your style. Either way, this important health supplement is accommodating to your busy lifestyle.

    Aloe Vera softgels & Aloe Vera juice is the same plant-based health product in two different forms. Find out what’s best for you, and enjoy the benefits of this succulent plant that will make for a healthier you!

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