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    5 Safe and Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

    Hairloss-WomanHair loss and thinning can be a frustrating and frantic experience no matter who you are. It can be harmful to confidence and overall self-image, especially if it seems to happen suddenly and rapidly. Although it can be a troubling time, hope is not lost! There are a number of hair loss treatments and solutions, and some are derived straight from nature! Here are just a few of the many natural hair loss remedies out there.

    Jojoba oil comes from the seeds of the Jojoba plant, also referred to as Simmondsia chinensis, and is native to southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico. Despite its name, Jojoba oil is not an oil at all. It is actually a natural wax that has been used in folk medicine for many years for its healing and moisturising properties.

    Jojoba oil has been shown to help improve skin and hair health, specifically through fostering a healthy scalp. Although the scalp often gets overlooked in regards to hair loss, it’s incredibly important to maintain scalp health for think, healthy hair. Utilising jojoba can be what you need to provide the perfect base for new hairs to grow.

    Red Clover
    Red clover is a plant found in nature, and has been discovered to have many positive affects on a variety of different ailments. Native to Europe, Western Asia and Northwest America, red clover is high in hair-friendly isoflavones and has also been used as a natural remedy for various types of irritations and chronic inflammations of the skin. The isoflavones in red clover strengthen hair follicles while also making hair silky smooth and reducing dandruff and irritation.

    Emu Oil
    Emu oil has naturally occurring fatty acids that have been proven to have a number of benefits for overall skin health, such as soothing dry skin and preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Emu oil’s soothing and rejuvenating composition also makes it a great natural resource for healthier, thicker hair. Its anti-inflammatory properties have the ability to erase harmful damage caused to the scalp and create an environment for thicker, healthier hairs to grow.

    Indian Gooseberry
    Indian gooseberry (also known as AMLA) is used in the traditional healing method Ayurveda, and has many rejuvenating properties that can provide a number of benefits throughout the body. Indian Gooseberry’s high antioxidant and vitamin content makes it an excellent natural remedy to help prevent hair loss and encourage future growth. Its high concentration of Vitamin C helps prevent deficiency, which can sometimes result in hair loss and thinning. Furthermore, the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Indian gooseberry can also support a healthy scalp.

    Aloe Vera
    Aloe vera isn’t just for sunburns! The naturally soothing, anti-inflammatory properties in the aloe vera plant can also work wonders for your hair and scalp. Aloe vera contains enzymes that can help naturally promote hair growth, as well as alkalizing properties that can help manage hair and scalp ph. It also soothes and heals irritation on the scalp’s surface, which is essential for healthy hair growth.

    Any of these natural remedies are a great option for safely preventing hair loss and encouraging hair regrowth. However, there are also options for those looking for a more clinical solution to hair loss, which can be found here.

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