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    5 Healthiest Ways To Drink Coffee

    We sip it. We crave it. We wake up with it. We like it hot, and we like it on ice. To put it simply: we love coffee.

    Traditionally, coffee has had an unfair reputation of stunting growth and negatively affecting health. But the truth is, coffee has a long list of benefits that may actually make us healthier. Researchers have found that moderate coffee consumption can lower risk of cardiovascular disease [1], improve stress levels, support liver health, reduce risk of type 2 diabetes, and provide the body with a steady stream of antioxidants. [2] (Like you needed more reasons to drink coffee.)

    These benefits, however, can be outweighed by excess amounts of added sugar, cream, caramel drizzle, mocha syrup and all that yummy stuff. To get the most out of your cup of Jo, try these five healthy coffee recipes:


    Possibly the most obvious and underrated way to drink coffee, black coffee gives you all the good-for-you antioxidants and health benefits without added fat or sugar. Black coffee takes some getting used to for some, though. If you’re not used to black coffee, start by sipping a lighter roast, like a breakfast blend, or slowly adding less and less cream and sugar till you’re able to drink it plain.

    With Almond Milk & Cinnamon

    Naturally decadent and lightly sweet, along with being high in protein and fibre, almond milk makes a great addition to healthy coffee. Almond milk, combined with cinnamon, which promotes healthy blood sugar levels, creates a comforting, creamy, and guilt-free cup of coffee.

    Blended With Grass-Fed Butter & Bulletproof® Brain Octane Oil

    When Bulletproof® came out with their grass-fed unsalted butter plus Brain Octane Oil recipe, a lot of people were skeptical of the butter aspect. But surprisingly, Bulletproof®’s recipe is not only decadent and delicious, but it’s also filled with healthy fatty acids and antioxidants that support the metabolism, energy levels and weight management.

    With Coconut Oil & Liquid Stevia

    Coconut oil is rich, appetising, and filled with fatty acids that support heart health, weight management, digestion, and help you feel naturally energised. Coconut oil adds a richness and decadence to a cup of coffee, while stevia is an all-natural, low calorie way to sweeten up your cup. The duo makes coffee delicious and nutritious.

    Mixed With Whey Protein

    Whey protein is filled with amino acids, vitamins, and, you guessed it—protein. Combining energising coffee with filling, muscle-building protein creates a great morning or post-workout drink. Whey protein comes in countless flavours and tends to be low in sugar and fat, making it a flavourful, nutritious addition to coffee.

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