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    3 Natural Ingredients for Your Best Smile

    TeethWhiteningWho doesn’t want a healthier, brighter smile? Smiling your biggest and best promotes confidence and can also help foster a more positive self image! But in today’s world of coffee and added sugars, it can be a challenge to maintain white teeth and good oral health without a little help. Here are our favourite ingredients for safe and natural oral care, no bleach, peroxide or tooth sensitivity required!

    Activated charcoal has become a hit in the beauty world as a purifying solution for skin, but can also work wonders in terms of whitening your teeth. Activated charcoal is highly absorbent and can bind to and expel different kinds of toxins, including tannins that stain and yellow teeth. Just make sure to use activated charcoal from a food/medical grade source.

    Peppermint Oil
    Having white teeth isn’t the end-all-be all. Your best smile is also your healthiest smile! Peppermint oil is an essential oil that’s incredibly effective in helping to maintain good oral health. It has antibacterial properties and is effective in eliminating anaerobic bacteria, which can thrive in the mouth and cause gum disease. Peppermint oil also keeps your breath smelling clean and fresh!

    Coconut Oil
    Is there anything coconut oil cannot do? This cure-all from mother nature can be effective in helping to naturally whiten teeth and promote overall gum health. Coconut oil’s high concentration of lauric acid is effective in killing many different types of harmful bacteria in the mouth, including Streptococcus mutans, a leading cause of gum disease. It’s also been reported to help lift stains from teeth, making it a two-for-one in terms of achieving your best smile.

    Bonus: Any of these ingredients make a great addition to your oral health regimen to help elevate your smile. But if you’re looking for a teeth whitening regimen with a little more kick that’s still gentle on sensitive teeth, check out Oralgen’s NuPearl 32x Whitening System. It’s peroxide-free and instead uses powerful botanicals (including peppermint oil!) paired with LED light technology! It’s professional whitening without the harm or the hassle.

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